Client Love

Not convinced yet? Take it from these guys, we should work together.

“I recently took a new role that was vastly different from my previous professional experience. I knew I needed to update my LinkedIn profile and resume to reflect my new position and to highlight my transferable skills. But I realized it was going to be a challenge to craft a new profile to effectively convey all of my previous experience.

Ashley was able to seamlessly combine nall of my work experience and accurately summarize my jobs in a professional and personable manner. I love how my profile and resume now reflects all of my skills, strengths and speaks to my personality as well. I will definitely recommend ACashCoaching to my colleagues, friends, and family.”

Arica – Stone Ridge, VA

Charity Avery“As a contract worker, I felt that I built my career being a jack of all trades but a master of none and often carried that insecurity into interviews.  I faced many challenges gaining full time employment and wasn’t certain how to appeal to companies I was an “expert” or best fit for what a company needed.  All I  knew is that I wanted employment stability and to make my next move my best move for my next career decision.

My sessions with Ashley were extremely beneficial by them being transparent, highly customizable, and both qualitatively and quantitatively measurable.  Ashley’s method is a very introspective approach that not only to highlighted my strengths and attributes to appeal to an employer but also define the things I want and need in a company so that we are a mutual compatible fit.

I  wasted money on books, online self help tutorials, and  travel expenses for interviews and never got an offer as a return on an investment.  I am proud to say I hit all of my goals with Ashley’s program, I received multiple offers with companies I genuinely wanted to work for and accepted my dream job at an international Fortune 500 company.  My best advice if you’re serious about advancing your career, you really should INVEST wisely in it!”

Charity – Birmingham, AL“I worked with Ashley over three sessions and she’s more than amazing at what she does.

Ashley asked me what my “why” was. She, in a totally non-awkwardly way, somehow got me to open up and talk about myself and my goals, allowing me to realize for myself that I in fact did make the right decision. She didn’t have to talk me up, or shower me with praise. She simply asked the right questions.

I never thought I had any need for a career coach. But I was pleasantly surprised at the passion that flows out from Ashley. She’s serious about helping people.”



“As a client working with Ashley was fantastic! The first time I used her services,  I needed to have my resume and cover letter redesigned quickly. Ashley is very professional and takes pride in her work. The turnaround time she made to get my information revised was extremely quick but yet very precise. The value of her consultation is worth every penny, she goes above and beyond to make sure her client is satisfied with her work. I highly recommend Ashley.”
Thanks Again!

Steven – Dallas, TX

“I was in tACash Coaching Testimonialhe job market for several months and then I was recommended by a friend to Ashley Cash to “freshen up”my  resume. She used my skills and experience, adding vital key words that employers look for.
Not only did she help me with formatting but, she also helped me with LinkedIn and other useful job related tools to make me stand out as a candidate.  Within DAYS, I was contacted by tons of interested employers, eventually landing a job that fit my desires.
Ashley is very skilled, knowledgeable, and savvy to what employers are looking for. Thank you Ashley for changing my career path.”

Will – Houston, TX

“I highly recommendAshley Camper Ashley Cash’s career coaching service to help you reach your career goals.  She truly helps you think through your passion and align them with your life goals; current and future.

Ashley helped me understand how to sell myself and close the deal on a position that would put me on my career path. She also helped me understand how to negotiate and highlight the attributes that I’d bring to a company. Ashley’s style of communication, enthusiasm for seeing other people succeed, and career planning process makes her a standout career coach; a great service for people in all phases of their career!”

Ashley – Memphis, TN